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The idea of came to life in the summer of 2022.


The name Eastyle comes from selling art by Endre and Anita with their unique style.

They met in 2021 and both are eager to create and use their artistic abilities. They are based in Western Norway, where they live together.


Anita paints abstract and abstract realism with acrylic, inks, and oil paint. She has the YouTube channel EAstyle Art where she gives inspiration and ideas to those who want to learn to develop their artistic abilities in doodling, neurographic art and zentangle patterns. And she shows her process of growing as an artist.

She has a collaboration with the furniture chain Rocka furniture, which has a branch in Drøbakk, Norway.

- I am so happy to have been given this opportunity to showcase my art through Rocka furniture and make my art available for more people to see live! -

Anita has helped many by working as a clairvoyant/intuitv guide under the stage name Nikita since 2008. She was part of the TV program in Norway, Farmen in 2016 as the clairvoyant Anita. She has created an online course in tarot cards for beginners and those who want to refresh their knowledge again in tarot. If you are interested, you can contact her.

Then there is the art, which she loves to go to and from every day. Enjoying colors, new ideas and techniques, in the basement of the little house they call "Perlo" in Voss, Norway.

Endre makes sculptures where he uses metal and wood. He makes frames for Anita's paintings on canvas if the customer is interested. He likes to collect things and put them together into something the rest of us would never have thought of. His interests are many, including vintage cars, aquarium, reptiles, pheasants, Marvel characters. Yes, as you understand, it covers a wide range.

His art is very unique and when he is asked what category he would put the art under. He doesn't quite know what to answer. Because it falls under a lot, such as e.g. steam punk. But it can change according to his mood and what he is inspired by then and there. He uses his creative abilities and creates with what he has in front of him.

Pictures and art to come!

We want you to feel lucky to have something you don't need, but which you also can't live without. Some people think that buying art is an expense they cannot afford. But art is something we cannot live without. You get an inner feeling of joy and peace from looking at something unique that is yours. That only you have and moves you. ART FOR YOU!

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Supert! Melding mottatt.

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